Customized Medical Weight Loss Program
Only $150 Monthly

Limited Appointments Available. Given on a First-Call basis.

What To Expect

Customized Medical Weight Loss Program

  • Extensive medical evaluation and analysis of weight and diet history by licensed physician for maximum safety
  • Diet & Exercise counseling to assure you reach your goal weight
  • Personalized prescription regimen to effectively maximize pounds lost and decrease appetite
  • Opportunity to ask questions one on one to gain knowledge on lifelong healthy habits
  • Educational materials to review and reinforce program in the comfort of your home
  • Weekly lipotropic B12 to jumpstart weight loss, boost metabolism, and increase energy levels
  • Follow up visits every 4 weeks to conveniently work with your schedule
  • Ongoing coaching support from medical provider via text message

Dr. Giselle opened Exert Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida in order to help the many people who need assistance with losing weight, enhancing their appearance, and feeling energized overall. Dr. Giselle is a licensed medical doctor in the states of Florida and New York. She received her medical degree from Florida International University in Miami. Most recently, Dr. Giselle obtained her Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Florida. Dr. Giselle has been published extensively in the medical literature in the fields of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Our medical weight loss program has 3 major phases. In phase one, we will schedule an initial consultation to identify your target weight and discuss any medical history and previous attempts at weight loss. Dr. Giselle will work with you to develop an individualized, medically-appropriate plan designed to get you to your goal safely and efficiently. During this phase, our team will monitor your progress on a monthly basis to make sure you’re moving forward.The second phase begins once you’ve reached your target weight. During this transition, Dr. Giselle will encourage you to take your physical activity to the next level, adjust your nutritional plan accordingly, and gradually reduce any weight loss medication. The final phase focuses on long-term health and maintaining your achieved goals. After making the right lifestyle changes to successfully reach your target weight, your final goal will be to continue making the kind of healthy choices that keep the extra weight off for good.

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